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Alliums and lupine.

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Join us for the High Desert Garden Tour on Saturday, July 21st in Bend. Ticket books will be available at the following locations on July 6th: Moonfire and Sun Garden Center, OSU Extension Service (Crook and Deschutes County offices), Schultz Farm and Garden, Shoe Inn, Strictly Organic Coffee Company, Whistle Stop Farm & Flowers, WinterCreek Restoration & Nursery and Worthy Brewing Company.

The OSU Master Gardener™ Program in Central Oregon

The OSU Master Gardener™ program is entering its 37th consecutive year, serving Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson Counties. Over the years, this program has trained hundreds of volunteers and they, in turn, have reached thousands of clients within our communities.

The program targets individuals interested in learning and sharing research-based gardening information. Currently, the program has over 90 active volunteers who find the program educational, fun and very rewarding.

Are you interested in becoming a Master Gardener™? Master Gardeners are people like you, interested in learning more about the art and science of growing and caring for plants in the garden, the landscape, and the home. In exchange for classroom instruction, Master Gardeners agree to help local Extension faculty and staff extend horticultural information to people in their communities. 

Master Gardeners Help People

Your commitment after training is to be a volunteer staff person for the OSU Extension Service. The program coordinator will help you to schedule your volunteer time. Some Master Gardeners answer telephone requests for gardening information; others staff plant clinics at garden shows or local events. Master Gardeners might also work on projects with local schools, give talks to area garden clubs or complete an approved project of their own design. 

The Training of Master Gardeners

Master Gardener™ training classes are taught by OSU extension agents and horticultural experts. The program offers basic, practical courses in plant science and home horticulture. Classes include basic botany, methods for growing vegetables, lawns, fruit trees and landscape plants, pest identification and control methods, soil management and plant nutrition, and diagnosis of plant problems. The actual courses offered vary depending on local needs and interests. Classes are held during the winter months from February through April. 

Upcoming Events

Open Garden at Northwest Crossing Community Garden

Deschutes County Extension Event

Sat, Aug 4, 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
Join OSU Master Gardener volunteers for an Open House at Northwest Crossing Community Garden.

Open Garden- Hollinshead Community Garden

Deschutes County Extension Event

Sat, Aug 18, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Join OSU Master Gardener volunteers for an Open Garden at Hollinshead Community Garden.

Central Oregon Featured Content

Guide to common grasses in Central Oregon


This guide is intentionally limited to grasses commonly found in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties. It does not begin to include all the grasses in Central Oregon and it does not include the sedges or rushes.

By Amy Jo Detweiler

Landscape Plants: Trees, Shrubs, & Flowers


A page consisting of publications for landscape plants of Central Oregon.



Collection consisting of informational documents about lawn care in Central Oregon.

Wildlife Damage Management, Internet Center for

Online Resource

This is the handbook. It details identification, control and management of over 90 species of wildlife, written by almost as many authorities in their respective wildlife areas.



In general, woodchucks prefer open farmland and the surrounding wooded or brushy areas adjacent to
open land. Burrows commonly are located in fields and pastures, along fence rows, stone walls, roadsides, and near building foundations or the bases of trees.

Soil Testing & Amendments


The OSU Extension Service no longer tests soil samples.

You can take your soil samples to the following locations to be sent out:

• Midstate Fertilizer Company, Redmond 541-548-2318

Spring flowering bulbs


Purchasing, site selection, when to plant, preparing the site, and follow-up care.

By Amy Jo Detweiler

Plant Selection for Windbreaks in Central Oregon


A fact-sheet including sufficient windbreaks in Central Oregon. Three of the groups consist of Deciduous Trees, Evergreen Trees, and Shrubs.

By Amy Jo Detweiler

Tissue cultured maple trees. Grown inside under artificial light, the tiny plants are the starts for commercial nursery operations.

Nursery Guide

Online Resource

The Oregon Association of Nurseries online plant guide.
Bedding plants in six packs and plastic pots ready for spring planting vegetables.

Container Gardening Basics


Information and tips on growing plants in containers.

By Amy Jo Detweiler

Canola seed. Hermiston, Oregon.

Collecting and storing seeds from your garden


A guide to collecting seeds and storing them at home.
The cover of Backyard Composting by Cogger, Sullivan, and Bary.

Backyard Composting

Online Resource

Free online copy of "Backyard Composting" through Washington State University.

By Dan Sullivan

Common Insects Found in Central Oregon


A collection of some of the common insects found in central Oregon.
Frozen spider web.

Common Spiders Found in Central Oregon


A list of spiders that can be commonly found in or around central Oregon.

Vegetable Gardening


A collection of articles for growing vegetables in Central Oregon. Include general information, recommendations, soil temperatures, rhubarb, potatoes, cucumbers, beets, carrots, radishes, onions, tomatoes and tomatillos.