Frequently Asked Questions

Master Gardener™ Training and Recertification

How can I sign up for Master Gardener™ training?

To enroll in the Master Gardener™ training course within your county, please contact your local county Extension office.

I recently graduated from the Master Gardener™ training course in my local county, and am a certified Master Gardener. How long is my certification valid?

Master Gardener certification is valid for one year. After one year, Master Gardeners™ must take qualified recertification courses in order to continue as an active, certified Master Gardener.

What is the purpose of recertification?

Topics such as Integrated Pest Management, Pesticide Application are constantly refined as revised as we learn more about proper control of pests in home gardens. In addition, the identity of particular pests within gardens is not constant over time. Some years, gardeners will see more of one particular pest, and none of a pest that gave them serious problems just a few years ago. Keeping on top of the latest research findings is essential to maintain the ability of OSU Master Gardeners to deliver unbiased, research based information to the general public. Thus, recertification keeps us current and informed.

Do I have to recertify every year?

Yes. Recertification is required on an annual basis, to maintain the title of Master Gardener™.

What courses or training opportunities are available for recertification?

Please contact your local county Extension office to find out what options are available for recertification.

Master Gardener™ Endowment

How much money is currently in the Endowment?

The Statewide Master Gardener™ Program Endowment account of the OSU Foundation now stands at a little over $125,000.00. Thus, we are slightly more than 10% towards our goal of raising one million dollars in support of the Statewide Master Gardener Program.

What is the purpose of the Master Gardener™ Endowment? If I donate, how will the funds be used?

The interest money from this endowment will help to support the Statewide Program leader with her program expenses. These expenses may include money to pay for a Program Assistant. However, since the salary of the Statewide Program leader is covered by the University, the funds will not be used for this purpose.

How can I donate to the Master Gardener™ Endowment?

You can contribute to the OSU Master Gardener™ Program Endowment in one of two ways:

  1. Print the MG Endowment contribution form and send it and your tax-deductible contribution to OSU Foundation, 850 SW 35th Street, Corvallis, OR 97333-4015.
  2. Contribute on-line by visiting the OSU Foundation's secure website click on"Make a Gift".  There, you can sign up to make a monthly gift, or a one-time contribution.  Monthly contributions can be as little as $5.00 or $10.00 per month, and go a long way towards helping to support the Oregon Master Gardener™ Program.

    Fill in your contact information. Under "Giving Information - Other", fill in the "Designation Description" as Statewide Master Gardener™ Program Endowment.

Is my donation tax deductible?

All donations to the Master Gardener™ Program Endowment are tax deductible, and will be recognized as such with a letter from the OSU Foundation.


As a Master Gardener, am I automatically a member of the OMGA?

A member, in good standing, of a local Master Gardener chapter automatically makes one a member of OMGA. The local chapter will send the amount of dues required by OMGA for each of its members. The requirements for membership in a local chapter shall be the same as those for OMGA.

What is the relationship between my local Master Gardener Association and OMGA?

OMGA is the parent organization for the 24 local Master Gardener Associations within Oregon. Some Master Gardener Associations, such as the Central Oregon Master Gardener Association, serve Master Gardeners in multiple counties. Thus, there are fewer Master Gardener Associations than the 31 counties where Master Gardeners are currently active.

I pay dues to my local Master Gardener Association. Do any of these dues go to OMGA?

Part of the dues collected by your local Master Gardener Association goes to support the activities of OMGA. Specifically, these dues support the printing and postage of the OMGA newsletter, the purchase of the PNW Handbooks used by Master Gardeners in their local Extension Office, the costs associated with Mini-College, and the many awards and scholarships granted by OMGA.

Why is Mini-College, which is sponsored by OMGA, so expensive? Is Mini-College a fundraiser for OMGA?

Mini-College is not a fundraiser for OMGA. The purpose of Mini-College is to provide Master Gardeners with advanced training opportunities in a fun and relaxing setting. Mini-College is intended to be a ‘learning vacation’, and OMGA tries very hard to balance the costs of Mini-College (e.g. for facilities rentals, food, printing, etc.) with the income from Mini-College (e.g. from registration fees).