Criteria to maintain active Master Gardener status

Criteria to maintain active Master Gardener status

To maintain your certification as an active Veteran Master Gardener the following are the minimum criteria to be completed each year. MGs are considered current when these criteria are met.

  1. 20 hours of volunteer service in Metro MG approved activities (with at least 10 hours volunteered toward “Program” activities).  Other hours can be served with approved “Partner” activities.
  2. 10 hours of Recertification / Continuing Garden Education hours
  3. Submission of signed Conditions of Volunteer Service agreement

Volunteer Service Hours:

Report volunteer hours on the volunteer hour log sheet provided in the volunteer portal tab on the Metro Master Gardeners website.  Log sheet-Word version   An excel version is available - contact the Metro-area MG Program office.

Hours are due by October 1. If hours are submitted later than October 1, access to CERVIS and other resources will be interrupted.

Recertification / Continuing Garden Education hours:

  • Attend any MG training class offered in February and March at any of the 3 training locations.  The locations are listed on our website:  Morning sessions and afternoon sessions each count for 3 hours of continuing education.  Attending the classes is a great way to brush up on the basics.
  • The Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington Co. Chapters all offer several speakers and workshops throughout the year that count as credit.  Find designated speakers and workshops designated on their Chapter pages, in the Metro MG newsletter, or on the Metro MG Education Events Calendar. Always look for a designation like “*approved for MG garden education credit” or “*qualifies for education/recertification credit”.
  • Take and successfully ‘Pass’ any online MG training modules. All MG training modules are offered free to current Veteran MGs.  Look for an upcoming email for registration details.
  • Hands-on education workshops.  Part of the MG training curriculum.  Current Veteran MGs are allowed to take one of these workshops.  If space allows, a Veteran can get special permission to take an additional workshop.  Veteran MGs will be notified of workshops via email or the monthly newsletter.
  • Keep your eye out for additional designated continuing education credit opportunities as they surface throughout the year.  Be sure to read the monthly MG program newsletter or email announcements.

Conditions of Volunteer Service agreement:

This form is to be submitted annually, due October 1.

Conditions of Volunteer Service


  1. Attend all 7 in-person classes (February through March)
  2. Take and successfully pass REQUIRED modules which include:
    ° Basic Botany
    ° Plant Pathology
    ° Understanding Pesticides
    ° Choose 1 addtional module and complete the quiz

    Final exam

    Successful completion of an exam is required to become a certified MG volunteer.  The goal of the exam is to ensure that trainees meet learning objectives of the MG program.  The exam is available and you must complete the final exam and 56 hours of volunteer internship in order to get an official OSU Master Gardener name badge and to be eligible to continue to volunteer in our program in subsequent years.  You must pass exam with at least 70% by March 31 (training year) in order to participate in the OSU-sponsored volunteer activities like phone helplines and plant clinics at farmers markets. 

      Attend ONE Hands-on Workshop

        A link to the workshops is provided soon after the classes begin.

          Educational programming at MG chapter meetings and other events

            Our local Master Gardener Chapters in Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties provide monthly educational seminars on a wide range of topics.   Attending at least three hours of educational programming (not a volunteer shift) is encouraged.  Please note: these events are FREE of charge and open to the public.  Bring your friends and family!   See our Metro MG Educational Events Calendar for details.

              Volunteer Internship

                Complete 56 hours of volunteer internship at Metro Master Gardener approved activities before September 30.  Volunteer at least half of your internship hours toward “Program” activities (farmers markets, phone clinics, special MG tabling events).  Other hours can be served volunteering toward approved “Partner” activities.

                Report volunteer hours on the volunteer hour log sheets provided in the volunteer portal tab on the Metro Master Gardeners website.  Log sheet-Word version  An Excel version is available - contact the Metro-area MG Program office.

                Hours are due by October 1.  Submit your 56 hours by October 1 and you will receive your OSU Extension Service Master Gardener badge at Fall Recertification training or by mail.

                  Complete and submit all required forms.  In order to participate in our volunteer program, there is a set of required signed forms that need to be submitted.  The forms are listed below. Please print the forms and mail them to the Metro area Master Gardener program office at 200 Warner-Milne Rd. Oregon City, OR  97045.

                    All volunteers must complete the 5 forms listed below to be a registered Oregon State University volunteer.  Forms are to be submitted prior to the start of the Master Gardener training, with the exception of the Conditions of Volunteer Service form which is required annually (submission due by October 1).