Photo: Michelle Sager (Cropped from original)

2020 OMN Webinar Series

April 22 OMN Webinar: Amphibians

May 2 OMN Webinar: Pollinators

May 28 OMN Webinar: Climate Change and the Columbia Gorge

June 6 OMN Webinar: Beavers

July 14 OMN Webinar: Geology of Central Oregon: Exploring the Crooked River Caldera

Summer Webinar Series #1: July 16, Promoting Wildlife on Your Small Farm

July 27 OMN Webinar: Earth's Wild Music: Celebrations and Laments

Summer Webinar Series #2: July 28, Combating Climate Change on Your Farm

Summer Webinar Series #3: August 3, What's Wrong with My Tree?

Summer Webinar Series #4: Wildfire in Your Forest Future

Summer Webinar Series #5: Gardening with Pacific Northwest Native Plants, An Ecological Approach

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