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Face coverings: Masks are welcome, not required, per university policy.

Birds of the Willamette Valley Webinar

May 18, 2023 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm PDT


Accommodation requests related to a disability should be made by May 1, 2023 to Alice Phillips: [email protected] or 503-821-1119

Learn about the wonderful diversity of bird species found across the Willamette Valley Ecoregion. We’ll explore the avian fauna of several major habitats, including prairies, wetlands, riparian forests, and oak woodlands. Besides looking at representative species throughout the ecoregion, we’ll consider their ecological importance and some key conservation issues.

Speaker Bio: Ivan Phillipsen is a naturalist and educator with a background in scientific research. These days he works as a professional birding guide and also hosts the popular podcast, The Science of Birds. Ivan’s first obsession as a kid was amphibians and reptiles. This interest led him to graduate school, where he studied amphibians. After earning a PhD in Zoology, he did postdoctoral research on aquatic insects. Ivan likes creepy, crawly things! Over the years, his love of nature expanded to include plants, fungi, and all animals. Especially birds. Birds have become Ivan's greatest passion. His work as a guide has allowed him to search for birds in places like Mexico, Iceland, Alaska, Uganda, Australia, Spain, and more.

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