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Face coverings: Masks are welcome, not required, per university policy.

Learning to See Lichens

PCC Rock Creek

Portland, OR
United States

Jul 23, 2022 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


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Alice Phillips

We live in one of the great lichen biodiversity hotspots in the world - over 2,000 species of lichens in the Pacific Northwest. But these amazing organisms are not easy to learn because they live at a different scale than humans- in time and space. Come sharpen your eyes, learn to see lichens all around us and notice what their patterns tells us about our world. We’ll spend some time out in the field, play with an interactive online key and use microscopes to enter the world of lichens.

Instructor: Sunia Yang

Sunia Yang is a longtime nature guide (Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Marys Peak Alliance interpreter) and retired computer network engineer. She currently is a Courtesy Faculty Research Associate in Professor Bruce McCune’s lab, working on various lichen projects. The interactive key is the result of combining Bruce’s expert knowledge of lichens with Sunia's background in data analysis/presentation.

The OSU Extension Service Master Naturalist Program in Washington County is supported by the Tualatin Soil & Water Conservation District.

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