What is the cost?

The cost to become an Oregon Master Naturalist is $575. The price breakdown is:

  • $325 for the Online Course: The course fee is due upon registration or before the course begins. Learn about the OSU Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) payment, refund and cancellation policies.
  • $250 for the Ecoregion Courses: Payment is generally due before the first day of the course. Scholarships are available.


For the Online Course

Scholarships are not currently offered by PACE for the Online Course. If you need assistance, please contact the Oregon Master Naturalist Program to discuss options.

For the Ecoregion Courses

  • Awards are issued based upon financial need and a demonstrated intent to complete certification in the Oregon Master Naturalist Program.
  • When you register for the course, there is an option on the payment page to apply for a scholarship. 
  • A limited number of scholarships are available each year for each Ecoregion course.
  • The amount of the scholarship can vary by year. The current award is a 75% cost reduction. Your cost is $60 instead of $250.

If you have questions about scholarships, please contact us.

AmeriCorps funding

We now accept AmeriCorps funding to pay for the online course. AmeriCorps requires participants to be enrolled before they approve funding. These are the required steps:

  • Complete your online course registration, including full payment
  • Contact OSU's Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) and let them know: you intend to use AmeriCorps funds, the name of the online course you are registering in, and the amount of the funding you have requested. They will be happy to answer any other questions you have about this process.
  • Contact AmeriCorps and submit a request for funds

If approved, around the first day of the course, we will receive a check for half of the cost, which we will reimburse you. Then, about halfway through the course, we will receive a second check for the remaining amount, which we will refund you.

If funding is not approved or you don't complete the course, OSU Professional & Continuing Education (PACE) will not process the refund(s) to the participant.

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