Oregon State University Extension Service

Environmental Leadership Program

The Environmental Leadership Program is a partnership providing a series of leadership trainings and outdoor STEM education with an emphasis on watershed stewardship and natural resource careers for under-served high school youth in the Willamette Valley while increasing the diversity, equity and inclusion capacity of local environmental non-profits.

Leadership trainings are conducted by the 4-H Outreach Leadership Institute to increase access to higher education, career opportunities, and build community leadership skills. The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife leads the STEM education component providing on-campus science labs, hands-on experiential learning in natural resource management, science careers and engagement with local watershed councils in watershed stewardship and community engagement. Participating watershed councils receive mentoring from the Office of Community Engagement to improve their work with underrepresented communities through as series of assessments and discussions. The Program aims to serve 30 high school aged youth per year from the Willamette Valley area free of charge.

Source URL: https://extension.oregonstate.edu/4h/environmental-leadership-program