Oregon State University Extension Service

Bees, Seeds and Water Beads

Central Oregon grows over 85% of the world’s hybrid carrot seed. Seed farmers must irrigate in the high desert of Central Oregon. Recently, farmers have embraced drip irrigation…which also helps bees pollinate. OSU researchers are also helping farmers get more bang for their bee. After working crops, such as onion seed and carrot seed, in central Oregon, honeybees take a much-deserved rest during the winter.

Filmed in Madras, Oregon, "Bees, Seeds and Water Beads" video shows Central Oregon’s balancing act. Rhonda Simmons, OSU Senior Research Assistant Vegetable Seeds and Cereals, narrates. Produced by Daniel S. Robinson, OSU Extension and Experiment Station Communications.


Source URL: https://extension.oregonstate.edu/video/bees-seeds-water-beads