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Those Lichens in Your Trees

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Tue, Apr 20, 2021 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
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Dr. Daphne Stone will talk about what lichens are, local lichen species, their place in our ecosystems and how to encourage them in our gardens.

About the Presenter
Daphne Stone, Faculty Research Associate at Oregon State University Herbarium
Dr. Daphne Stone has been interested in botany since she was a child, growing up in Philadelphia. She saw reindeer lichens when she was young, and since then, lichens have always held a special place in her heart.

Dr. Stone graduated from The Evergreen State College in 1975, and taught her first class on lichens there in 1976. In 1986 received a doctorate in ecology from University of Oregon for her study of moss and lichen succession on oak branches in the Willamette Valley.

After raising her two children, she returned to the study of lichens as a career, by starting a small consulting firm that surveyed Federal lands for rare bryophytes and lichens. In recent years, Dr. Stone studied the soil crusts of eastern Oregon and Washington, and the effects of grazing on these fragile communities that are so important to conservation of western dry lands. In 2018, Dr. Stone began working in the lichen collection of Oregon State Herbarium. There she curates collections, clears up identification problems, and does research on various genera. In 2019 Dr. Daphne Stone embarked on a revision of the genus Leptogium in the PNW with Dr. Bruce McCune.

This seminar is part of the Lane County Master Gardener Association (LCMGA) monthly seminar series. The LCMGA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed to support the Lane County OSU Extension Horticulture program.

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