Oregon State University Extension Service

Douglas County

We’re here for you.
Our goal is to ensure you have access to your Extension
Team. During regular business hours, we can connect
with you by email, phone or video conferencing. We are available by appointment also; office is closed to the public.

Forestry & Natural Resources:
alicia.christiansen@oregonstate.edu (mailto:alicia.christiansen@oregonstate.edu) or 541-236-3002
teresa.middleton@oregonstate.edu (mailto:teresa.middleton@oregonstate.edu) or 541-236-3044

steve.renquist@oregonstate.edu (mailto:steve.renquist@oregonstate.edu) or 541-236-3047
Livestock & Forages:
shelby.filley@oregonstate.edu (mailto:shelby.filley@oregonstate.edu) or 541-236-3016
Master Food Preservers:
denise.fennell@oregonstate.edu (mailto:denise.fennell@oregonstate.edu) or 541-236-3049

mandy.hatfield@oregonstate.edu (mailto:mandy.hatfield@oregonstate.edu) or 541-236-3017

The Oregon State University Extension Service provides researched-based
knowledge and education that strengthens local economies, sustains natural
resources, and promotes healthy communities, families, and individuals.

In the Douglas County area, Extension serves our clientele with programs in
Horticulture, Nutrition Education, Forestry & Natural Resources, Food Safety
and Preservation with our Master Food Preservers, Livestock & Forage, 4-H,
and Master Gardeners. In these programs, we offer a wealth of non-formal
community educational programs and information services.

Master Gardener Plant Clinic Hours:
Monday's, Tuesday's & Wednesday's   1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Master Food Preserver Hotline:
Monday -  Friday  9:00 am - 4:00 pm



Open by appointment only.

Please call or email ahead for modified hours.

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