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Is it possible to microwave an egg?


Eggs are a delicate food that toughens easily if cooked too high a temperature. You can however cook eggs. It is best to cook them scrambled or cook as an omelet. Mixing the yolk and white together is best. The yolk is high in fat so will cook quicker and if cooked too fast will sometimes explode. By mixing the yolk and egg together it cooks much more evenly. You can also poach eggs in the microwave by boiling water and then adding egg and cooking for a short period of time to set the egg.

Cooking eggs in the shell is not advised because they will easily explode and make a real mess in your microwave.

There are several microwave egg containers on the market to help you cook eggs with success. They come with instructions for how to do it. Each microwave is a little different so check the instruction book that comes with your microwave. Higher wattage ovens will over cook the eggs so best to reduce the power, turn and stir the egg during cooking. With a little practice you can make a perfect egg. I do it all the time.

My favorite way to cook eggs in the microwave is to scramble them and stir them half way through the cooking. Omelets are also good and you can add toppings like cheese at the end.

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