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Is my pig too macho to eat?

We purchased three 7-week old feeder pigs on the last day of August 2015 and one of the pigs was a non-castrated boy. We have heard that non-castrated male pigs get to an age that their hormones mature and their meat is tainted, flavor wise? Is this true and if so, what age is too old to butcher a non-castrated male pig for quality meat? We are ready to have our pigs butchered and was wondering if we should sell the male as a boar or if he is OK to butcher for quality pork.

You are right at that threshold of possibly being tainted. I am conservative but feel that around 6-7 months is about as long as one could go without the risk of boar taint.

The hormones that cause the taint start to build up in the fat when the pig becomes sexually active. If it has shown no sign of being active, then there is less chance of the meat having the taint.

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