Wed, Jul 18, 1:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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Hosted by Dr. Bernadine Strik, Professor. We start promptly at 1:00pm

Meet at the long-term organic research plot (SW section of farm; follow signs; please walk or use our provided transport) welcome/introductions

Development of alternate fertilization programs to correct nutrient problems found in long-term organic production systems – Amanda Vance, Senior Faculty Research Assistant and Bernadine Strik, NWREC

Introduction of new project “Organic nitrogen sources, rates, and cut-off times in Central Washington - Amit Bhasin, graduate student, and Dr. Lisa DeVetter, Assistant Professor, WSU

Improving pollination in blueberry - Weixin Gan, graduate student, and Dr. Lisa DeVetter, Assistant Professor, WSU

Benefits of biochar and nitrogen-enriched soil amendments - Bryan Sales, Ph.D. candidate and Dr. David Bryla, Research Horticulturist, USDA-ARS, HCRU

Does weed mat color and a layer of sawdust under weed mat make a difference in establishment? - Bernadine Strik and colleagues, NWREC-OSU

Using drones to monitor growth and irrigation needs of blueberry -- David Bryla and Scott Orr

REFRESHMENT BREAKFruit will be available for evaluation (Brent Radke and Brian Yorgey, Dept. Food Sci. & Tech., OSU; Patrick Jones, Faculty Research Assistant, NWREC; Ted Mackey, USDA-ARS)

Updates on management of Spotted Wing Drosophila - Drs. Cherre Da Silva and Vaughn Walton, OSU

Update on Quinclorac herbicide in blueberry - Dr. Marcelo Moretti, Assistant Professor, OSU

Steam weeder a new hope. Introducing a new tool for organic weed control in blueberry - Erik Augerson, graduate student and Marcelo Moretti, OSU

Relatively “hands-off” production system for ‘Mini Blues’ & improving harvest efficiency of ‘Legacy’ – an update (third growing season) - Bernadine Strik and Amanda Vance, NWREC, OSU

Crown gall disease in blueberry - biology and challenges - Drs. Wei Yang (NWREC) & Virginia Stockwell (USDA-ARS, HCRU)

What blueberry cultivars/selections look good? Walk through USDA-ARS/OSU cooperative breeding test block & introduce new block – Dr. Chad Finn, USDA-ARS, HCRU; Dr. Michael Dossett, B.C. Blueberry Council & LMHIA, B.C., Canada; Ted Mackey, USDA-ARS; Patrick Jones, NWREC

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15210 NE Miley Rd Aurora, OR 97002

15210 NE Miley Rd
Aurora, OR 97002
United States

United States