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Small Farms/Ground Water Quality Outreach Program Coordinator

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Content by Chrissy Lucas

Irrigate Wisely to Protect Groundwater

Protecting groundwater should be a concern for every Oregon resident. Most rural residents rely on groundwater for drinking, watering livestock, and irrigation of gardens and/or agricultural crops....

By Chrissy Lucas | Article

How can I protect my duck egg?

We have a pair of Mallards stop by and hang out in our pool for a few weeks every year. Our dogs are used to them and give the ducks a wide berth when they walk by the pool. I just noticed that in the last few hours, the hen laid an egg on the deck by our pool. The egg is in no way in a nest as you...

By Chrissy Lucas | Featured Question

Can I leave my garden hoses outside this winter?

If I unhook my garden hoses from the faucet, can I leave them outside? I always turn off the outside water for the winter. But will it damage a hose to leave it outside ?

By Chrissy Lucas | Featured Question

Keeping Your Well Water Well / Agua limpia en su pozo

Tips for making sure a well is properly constructed and maintained, and that the water is safe to drink. Consejos prácticos para asegurarse de que un pozo ha sido construido y mantenido correctamente, y que el agua del pozo se puede beber.

By Chrissy Lucas, Maggie Livesay | OSU Extension Catalog

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