Cory Cooley

ODA Pesticide Program Investigator

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Cory has worked for the Oregon Department of Agriculture since 2008, as a pesticide Investigator for the Northeast region of Oregon. Job duties include investigating and reporting of compliance and noncompliance with federal and state laws pertaining to the use, distribution, and production of all pesticide products. Informing individuals subject to regulations of the associated federal and state requirements; evaluating claims of adverse health or environmental harm related to pesticides. Also participates in the processing of pesticide registration; provides information regarding products registered, including safe and lawful distribution, use and product properties; and identifying the nature of crop and property damage. Activities include interaction with other state or federal agencies and serve as a member of agency technical advisory committees dealing with one or more aspects of the pesticide regulatory program. Also conducts educational efforts to the regulated community. BMCC, Associate of Arts degree, 1995-1997 OSU, Bachelor of Science, Fish and Wildlife Management, 1997-2000 Hometown: Pendleton, Oregon