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Content by Dave Shaw

What's Wrong With My Tree?

Are you worried about a tree on your property? Oregon State University Extension Service Foresters help you learn about individual tree needs, how to detect and describe symptoms of poor tree health, and to decide whether you need to take further action.

Nicole Strong, Dave Shaw | Apr 2017 | Video

Oregon Forest Pest Detector Introduction

This video introduces the Oregon Forest Pest Detector program, which aims to equip green industry professionals and outdoor volunteers to be able to identify invasive forest pests (such as the emerald ash borer and Asian ...

Dave Shaw | Feb 2015 | Video

OFPD Module 3 Asian Longhorned Beetle

This video is part of an online training for Oregon Forest Pest Detectors. The content covers the introduction and spread of the invasive Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) in the United States, as well as the potential economic and environmental impacts that ALB could have in Oregon.

Dave Shaw | Feb 2015 | Video

Why are these Ponderosa pines so strange?

Q: About 1 in 3,000 of the Ponderosa pines in Shevlin Park (Bend, OR) have one or more bizarre branches (see photo). The branches emerge from the tree trunk about 6 to 15 feet from the ground, and have a large diameter. ...

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The madrones look troubled, how can I help?

Q: Do madrones have a short life cycle? Is something killing them? What can I do to help them thrive?

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