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Heather Andrews works for Nik Wiman, head of the Orchard Crops Extension Program.  She assists with a myriad of projects ranging from developing best management strategies for fruit and nut crops grown in the Pacific Northwest to  studying the biology and integrated pest management of numerous insect species commonly found in orchard crops (e.g. filbertworm, brown marmorated stink bug and codling moth), as well as biocontrol agents such as the samurai wasp. Heather earned her B.S. at Southern Oregon University, and then went on to complete a masters in entomology at Virginia Tech.  Following graduation, she worked for Scientific Methods, Inc., an independent IPM consulting company based out of Durham, CA.  In 2013 she began working for the Blueberry Extension Program at NWREC, and in 2017 transitioned to her current position.

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