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Content by Jenny Rudolph

Vintage butter okay for cookies?

I made cookie dough, then realized the butter had probably been in my frig. for a year. I have put the dough in the freezer until I hear from you whether it is safe to eat! (Doesn't smell bad, as far as I can tell.) 

By Jenny Rudolph | Featured Question

No exploding peaches, please.

I bought several boxes of canned peaches, pears and plums from a local canning company. They were delivered in mid-Dec. 2012. Two of the cans of peaches have exploded. I've got a big mess and I'm worried about contamination/bacteria issues in remaining cans. Help! Is there a person in your dept that...

By Jenny Rudolph | Featured Question

Save the Rice!

How long can you store rice? What is the best way to store it? Can it be stored for long periods of time if it is stored in Food Saver Bags that have all the air drawn out of them? Does rice ever become unsafe to eat? thank you very much.

By Jenny Rudolph | Featured Question

Preserve our squash!

I can't find any recipe for canning zucchini. Pressure canned or water bath. Is it not recommended?

By Jenny Rudolph | Featured Question

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