Roberta Riportella

Associate Dean, Outreach & Engagement
Contact me with questions about our Family and Community Health Program.

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Dr. Riportella has been an academic faculty member and health policy specialist in 4 public universities, always working as a rural medical sociologist with concerns for vulnerable populations access to health care and health outcomes based on social standing.  Her current administrative position has two main threads: 1) giving leadership to a Family and Community Health Extension program where the goal is achieving positive outcomes in communities and 2) giving leadership to the College of Public Health and Human Sciences for its outreach and engagement activities.  Both are guided by a health equity lens and require a fuller connection of the college with the communities.  Dr. Riportella has spent over 35 years analyzing health policy and teaching about it. She has a long and varied career working with many state based agencies, non-profits, and health care provider groups.

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