Living with termites in Bend!

I am trying to assess whether my exterminator is giving me accurate information about termite activity in Central Oregon. I am a new home owner of a house built in 1936. Termite activity was discovered during inspection and the exterminator sprayed. 2 months later we found a live termite colony in a floor beam. Also old trails in a door frame. He says it takes up to 3 months for live termites to return to the soil and die, and that was why we discovered the colony. Is this true? Do I need to be concerned that the spray treatment was insufficient?

The western subterranean termites are common in Central Oregon. Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question as there are different ways to manage for termites and some take longer than others. I do not know what type of management the company you worked with used. Here is a great website that walks you through some very common questions. 

I would recommend you read through all of it, but in the middle of the page they discuss the two most common types of control and how they work. Non-repellants and baits. Find out what kind your exterminator used. Once you know what kind of control was used, you may also want to call a few other exterminators to confirm how that particular type of control works. Here is an additional website.

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