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Ecologically Based Integrated Pest Management

Ecologically-based invasive plant management (EBIPM) combines state and transition models and successional management as a framework to make the best management decisions for a given landscape based on ecological principles.


Controlling Invasive Plants

Some common garden plants have become invasive pests in wild habitats. In Oregon, these invasives include some favorites such as English ivy and butterfly bush.

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Invasive Plants in Portland Poster

The city is working to control invasive plants and Portland residents can help by identifying and managing them in their own yards.

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I am bamboozled, help!

Greetings - any tips or resources on helping rid, or at least control creeping bamboo? Digging up is partially helpful here, but a water pipe located below the main plant makes it problematic. Mainly want to control the shoots. Seems like repeated applications of Round Up is the most common...

By Pat Patterson