Nuisance Wildlife

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Extension Wildlife

Online Resource

General wildlife info, preventative measures and managing human-wildlife conflict, encouraging wildlife use of your area, pathways into the wildlife profession, etc.

By Dana Sanchez

slug (photo by Alan Denis)

Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management

Online Resource

Non-profit, grant-funded site that provides research-based information on how to handle wildlife damage problems responsibly.
For homeowners, it includes information on identifying damage, tips on stopping wildlife damage, baits, traps and supplies, and how to find a wildlife control operator near you.
slug (photo by Alan Denis)

Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage

Online Resource

University of Nebraska - Lincoln's handbook on controlling damage to wildlife.

Getting hit high and low: Options for managing bird and vole damage


Blueberry growers must manage several vertebrate pests that pose risks for fruit yield, fruit quality, and plant survival. Many concerns derive from damage by deer, birds, and voles. Basic tactics to...

By Dana Sanchez

Wildlife on your land: Boon or bane?


Useful concepts and reminders, How conflicts might arise, Basics on how we can manage conflicts, Usual suspects and some specific strategies, How we can provide opportunities

By Dana Sanchez

Research on Essential Oils to Control Snails & Slugs


Newly published research, by OSU Slug Specialist Dr. Rory Mc Donnell and collaborators, highlights the potential of essential oils for snail and slug control in crop production. The research,...

Beneficial bats help control insects in the garden

News Story

Jun 15, 2018
Bats can eat their weight in insects in one day, providing important pest control.

By Kym Pokorny

Know Your Forest Learning Library

Online Resource

Looking for practical information about managing your forestland? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together an extensive library of resources to help you reach your goals.

Managing Slugs and Snails

Fact Sheet

This brief fact-sheet describes the technique of managing snails and slugs for your garden.

Managing Moles

Fact Sheet

Moles are insectivores, eating earthworms, grubs, beetles, and insect larvae. Occasionally they may
sample bulbs, root crops, and sprouting seeds, but there is disagreement among scientists on this point.