Pesticide Safety and Education

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The quarterly newsletter from the Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center (HAREC).
Explaining the smart sprayer

Profiles of Organic Pesticides


Organic pesticides are usually considered as those pesticides that come from natural sources. They are usually minimally processed. These natural sources are usually plants or minerals. There are also microbial pesticides.

Understanding Pesticides: Pesticides Defined


What is a pesticide?

Least Toxic and Organic Pesticides for Gardeners


Information on insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. Always read the label very carefully and follow label directions.
Explaining the smart sprayer

The ABC’s of NPK


Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium
Explaining the smart sprayer

National Pesticide Information Center

Online Resource

NPIC provides objective, science-based information about pesticides.

Grow Smart Grow Safe

Online Resource

A gardener's guide to choosing safer pesticides and garden products.

Are Your Weed-control Products Damaging Nearby Vineyards?

OSU Extension Catalog

A brief guide for anyone living near a vineyard to understand the damaging effects that common herbicides can have on grapevines. With the Oregon grape industry growing rapidly near urban boundaries throughout the state, herbicides used in home gardens and residential and urban landscapes can cause...

By Patricia Skinkis

Cómo Evitar la Contaminación del Agua y la Deriva de Pesticidas

OSU Extension Catalog

Cuando se aplican los pesticidas, es importante evitar tanto como sea posible la contaminación del agua y la deriva de pesticidas. Esta lista de control puede ayudar. Las tres listas (antes, durante y después) le ayudarán a Ud. acordarse de los pasos que se deben tomar antes, durante y después de...

By Steve Castagnoli, Tim Stock

2018 PNW Weed Management Handbook

OSU Extension Catalog

A comprehensive guide to weed management in the Pacific Northwest. Covers biological weed control agents, pesticide safety and disposal, agrichemicals and their properties, and control of problem weeds. Contains sections on weed control in cereal grain crops; grass seed crops; forage and seed crops;...

By Ed Peachey