Insect Pests in Forests

Common Insect Pests and Diseases of Sitka Spruce on the Oregon Coast

Sitka spruce is among the world's fast-growing trees and the largest of the world's spruces. It's a valuable commercial timber. Its range extends from Alaska to northern California, but it faces unique problems along the Oregon Coast. This publication explores some of the insects and diseases that...

By Dave Shaw | OSU Extension Catalog

Common Insect Pests and Diseases of Shore Pine on the Oregon Coast

Shore pine is a subspecies of lodgepole pine that inhabits the coastal strip in Oregon. Insect pests, diseases, and nonbiological (abiotic) factors may have an impact on growth, visual appearance, and productivity of trees. In this publication, we review the general nature of shore pine in Oregon...

By Dave Shaw | OSU Extension Catalog

Managing Insects and Diseases of Oregon Conifers

Discusses options for managing major insect pests and diseases of conifers in Oregon forests: bark beetles, wood borers, and ambrosia beetles; defoliators; aphids, adelgids, and scale insects; terminal and branch insects and pitch moths; root diseases; stem decays; foliage diseases; canker diseases...

By Dave Shaw | OSU Extension Catalog

Forest Health Fact Sheet: Diseases and Insect Pests of Pacific Madrone

Discusses three major types of madrone diseases--foliage, branch dieback and trunk canker, and root--and ways to minimize and manage. Discusses insect pests of madrone: fall webworm, western tent caterpillar, aphids, and leaf miners. Color photos. Sources of further information.

By Dave Shaw, Max Bennett | OSU Extension Catalog

Feb 27

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