Faculty and Staff

Katie Ahern

Family Community Health/SNAP-Ed

Barbara Brody

4-H, Family & Community Health, SNAP-Ed Assistant Professor of Practice, SNAP-Ed Manager - Grant & Malheur counties

Christal Culley

4-H/SNAP-Ed Education Program Asst. II

Jamie Davis

4-H / Family & Community Health Pgrm Coordinator

Jillian Drewes

SNAP-Ed/EFNEP/Family & Community Health Education Coordinator

Katie Dunker

Walk with Ease
On Campus

Allison Harris

Nutrition Program Coordinator

Tonya Johnson

Family & Comunity Health

Erin Maidlow

Family & Community Health Education Program Asst I

Robin Maille

Family & Community Health/SNAP Ed/County Leader-Union

Stephanie Polizzi

Family & Community Health

Maureen Quinn Lores

Family & Community Health

Stephanie Russell

SNAP-Ed Coordinator

Kelly Streit

Family & Community Health

Shana Withee

Family & Community Health