OSU Extension Programs

Buildings and tree siholette against bright rising sun

Land Steward Program


The Land Steward program is a multi-disciplinary educational experience targeting private rural and urban landowners in Jackson County who want to learn how to better utilize and take care of their land. The 11-week, ~55 hour field-based course covers local ecology, tree care, fire hazard reduction, biomass utilization, water quality and conservation, noxious weeds, wildlife management, and much more. Each topic is covered by a resource professional, while a host landowner shares on-the-ground experience with management strategies they have utilized.

Women Owning Woodlands Network


The Women Owning Woodlands Network (WOWNet) is a diverse, enthusiastic, group of women who are interested in woodland management. WOWNet allows women to come together to learn about forest management, share their forestry and natural resources experiences, and exchange personal knowledge in a unique peer-to-peer learning environment. The group encompasses many different knowledge sources and diverse management goals. WOWNet women are working in forests, they are owning forests, and they are actively engaged in land management!