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How to avoid mold after winter storm damage

Jan 4, 2008
How to avoid mold after winter storm damage.

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How to avoid and correct home moisture problems

Nov 13, 2009
Avoid and correct home moisture problems

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Stamp Out Mold in Your Home

One page flyer with helpful hints for stamping out mold in your home.

By Jeanne Brandt, | Fact Sheet

Mold is not a welcome roommate.

What is the best way to treat a very large amount of mold that has accumulated on my walls and windows of my apartment?

By Jeanne Brandt | Featured Question

Mold Control: Home Inspection Checklist

Guidelines for inspecting your home for sources of moisture and steps for control.

By Jeanne Brandt, Susan Busler, | Article

Why is my patio turning black?

My pergola and wooden fence, even rocks and stone are getting black residue. Is it mold?

By Diana Rohlman, PhD | Featured Question

Winter Storm Damage Checklist

After winter storms, check around your home and apartment for possible leaks that can lead to mold in the future.

By Susan Busler, | Article

Is living in a sawmill town harmful to my health?

I live in a town with a couple of sawmills. I am concerned about the emissions that are emitted from their production facilities. I can see the steam and wonder if there is a risk from chemicals that may used or from toxic dust. Are there hazards used at the facilities such as chemicals, and should...

By Scott Leavengood | Featured Question