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Growing Tree Fruits Successfully

Jul 2013
Soil, site, irrigation, selection, pruning/thinning, and integrated pest management.

By Ross Penhallegon | Presentation

Apple Resources for Umatilla County

Jul 2018
Umatilla County is the apple capital of Oregon and produces ~2200 acres of apples.


My Apple Trees need Help!

Apr 2014
I have 5 apple trees and last year the growth was stunted with only 3-4 inches/year and also infested with apple maggots. I don't like the fly traps as one time a small bird was caught, probably following the moth. Is there an organic way, (have been using dormant oil), to get rid of these and also when and how much to fertilize these 4 year old trees?

By Steve Renquist | Featured Question

How the Rogue Valley became famous for pears

Jul 2007
The Rogue Valley growers were pioneers in pear production, growing over 24 varieties and setting quality standards in packing pears. The Rogue Valley was the first and largest red pear growing region in the Pacific Northwest in the 1970s. The valley also set the standard for the quality of Bosc and Comice pears, which have become the two main varieties grown today.