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Alfalfa soil fertility and fertilization requirements

Sep 2019
A productive alfalfa crop removes significant quantities of macronutrients and small amounts of micronutrients from the soil (Table 1). A complete fertilizer program is essential to ensure a highly productive, long-lived stand.

By David Hannaway, Mylen Bohle, Daniel Miles, Yitian Lin, Brianna Randow | Publication

Mud and Manure Management Resources for Small Farms

Mar 2018
Publications and documents demonstrating the art of Mud and Manure Management for the pastures and forage crop. These contain useful information that are important when managing and producing livestock on pasture.


Spring is a good time to fertilize young trees and shrubs

Feb 24, 2012
When young trees soak up nitrogen fertilizer, they grow quickly, develop a dense canopy and stay green into the fall.

News Story

Fruit tree fertilization

May 2018
Concepts from start to finish in fertilization.

By Steve Renquist | Article

Orchid Cactus - Epiphyllums

Jan 2011
Learn about plant cuttings, water and light requirements, temperature, fertilizer, pests, and repotting.

By Cal Peterson | Article

Grow your own cucumbers

Jul 1997
An article from 1997 on how to grow your own cucumbers.

By Bill Mansour | Article

Fertilizing For Hay Production

Mar 2007
Forages and all green plants require moisture, nutrients, heat, and light for growth. To make hay, you need good nutrition to maximize on productivity and quality of the final product. You might want to treat hay fields and pasture fields differently in terms of when you apply fertilizers especially nitrogen even when soil test results are the same. To see how this works ...

By Sam Angima | Article