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Take steps in fall to protect roses in winter

May 2007
Fall maintenance can help protect roses from winter weather. Follow these tips to keep your rose bushes happy and healthy.

By Barbara McMullen | Article

Fairy Rings - Blessing or Curse?

Oct 2016
I just moved into a house on a golf course with giant fir trees. In our yard in the grass is a fairy ring. Is this good or bad?

By Jean R. Natter | Featured Question

Take All

Oct 2018
This root rot look-alike is endangering wheat, grass, and barley. Learn the signs, symptoms, and controls of this disease.

By Mary Corp | Article

Use Caution When Irrigating Oaks and Madrones

Jun 2018
Excessive summer irrigation of oak and madrone trees may promote fungal diseases such as the oak root fungus (aka armillaria root disease) and crown rot.


Blueberry bacterial and fungal diseases

Mar 2015
Pacific Northwest blueberry growers must identify and control a number of bacterial and fungal diseases in order to ensure the highest yields. Fortunately, only a few of the diseases that occur on highbush blueberry in this region cause significant losses when left unchecked.

By Jay Pscheidt, Jerry Weiland | Article

Grapevine Trunk Diseases in Oregon

Mar 2019
A summary of the main trunk diseases causing issues in Oregon and management methods.

By Melodie Putnam | Article