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General care for hydrangeas

Jun 2018
Look to this hydrangea how-to for advice on soil, water, pruning and more. Learn a simple pH trick that will turn blooms from pink to blue.

By Kristin VanHoose | Article

Cool it down in the garden with OSU expert’s tips

Jun 26, 2015
Be sure to water plants well as summer heat sets in

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

Orchid Cactus - Epiphyllums

Jan 2011
Learn about plant cuttings, water and light requirements, temperature, fertilizer, pests, and repotting.

By Cal Peterson | Article

Landscaping with Roses

May 2007
Selecting roses for landscape use may seem like an impossible task, but with a few key elements in mind, you can select a rose or a group of roses to complement your new or current landscape.

By Barbara McMullen | Article

Lawn Watering Guide for Eastern Oregon

Aug 2010
During the summer, nearly half of all residential water in Oregon is used to irrigate landscape areas around homes. A significant reduction in water use can occur by using efficient water ways to maintain our lawns and gardens. The Lawn Watering Guide offers suggestions to gain efficiency while maintaining an attractive lawn

By Mary Corp, Chris Luttrell | Article