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Raised Bed Gardening

May 2018
Gardening in raised beds has been a common practice for centuries. "Raised" means the soil level in the bed is higher than its surrounding, and "bed" implies it is small enough to work from the walkways.

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Encourage kids to explore imagination in the garden

Apr 22, 2016
Digging in the dirt gives youth a feeling of accomplishment

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

I need a cat-free garden, is there a natural deterrent?

Mar 2016
My daughter's cat digs in my flower bed and leaves holes and scatters dirt everywhere, uproots bulbs, etc. What can I use that is a natural remedy, something safe for the environment.

By Brooke Edmunds | Featured Question

Safe and easy tool use for the visually impaired gardener

Feb 19, 2003
Try to imagine using garden tools out in the garden and yard if you couldn't see well.

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Dirty your hands and feed your brain as a Master Gardener

Oct 6, 2017
Volunteers give back by educating the public

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