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Methods to control blackberry thickets

Mar 26, 2010
It could take years to eradicate a large patch of blackberries, because so many seeds remain in the soil. But with good timing and dedication, property owners can reduce a sprawling blackberry thicket to a few manageable stragglers

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They get knocked down but they get up again, are blackberries indestructible?

Jan 2016
I have chopped down blackberry canes into fairly small pieces in my back yard, The area is a fair size. Can I leave them on the ground, or can these pieces of cane resprout. I'm not interested in using any kind of chemicals. If I dig up the roots, is it possible to smother the blackberries by covering them with heavy black plastic? Or is that a waste of time. I realize blackberries are very difficult to remove.

By Brooke Edmunds | Featured Question

Forage value of pasture weeds

May 2010
Forage quality of common pasture weeds was determined through laboratory testing to compare feed value of weeds to desirable forage species and nutrient requirements for grazing livestock.

By Shelby Filley, Andy Hulting, Amy Peters | Article