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Stumped over which succulent to grow? Go native

Mar 31, 2011
Stumped over which succulent to grow in your garden? Go native, says an Oregon State University horticulturist.

News Story

Shady Wedding, Master Gardener to the Rescue!

Jul 2013
I need to plant something now for a summer wedding next year, my yard is shaded. Help!

By Jacki Dougan | Featured Question

Bring tranquility to the landscape by building your own Zen rock garden

May 19, 2017
Master Gardener offers tips on how to create one

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

Landscaping with Roses

May 2007
Selecting roses for landscape use may seem like an impossible task, but with a few key elements in mind, you can select a rose or a group of roses to complement your new or current landscape.

By Barbara McMullen | Article

Building a Landscape Retaining Wall

Jun 2018
Retaining walls are used for both commercial and residential purposes. They have gained popularity in a short period of time, becoming commonly used for landscaping projects around the home and for commercial landscapes as well.