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Soil pH and pasture productivity

May 2009
A look at the cost effectiveness of liming coastal ryegrass pastures.

By Troy Downing | Article

Lime Requirement Buffer pH Update 2019

Sep 2019
This fact sheet describes recent discrepancies between SMP and Sikora buffer pH lime requirement tests for western Oregon soils and provides recommendations for what to do. Many soil testing labs in the U.S. are switching from the SMP to the Sikora buffer test for lime requirement in an effort to reduce the use of carcinogenic chemicals in the procedure. Wide-scale testing ...

By Nicole Anderson | Fact Sheet

Pasture Nutrient Management Resources for Small Farms

May 2017
This collection of links and publications are compiled information about managing nutrient levels in your pasture. This includes soil testing and assessment, application of fertilizers and minerals, and nutrient cycling in a forage pasture.