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Are madrone trees mean?

Sep 2017
I have a small grove of Madrones behind my house. I have put a couple of annual beds under them but nothing seems to grow under them. I have looked all over the net to no avail on this issue. I did amend the soil in the beds. I also planted a few Dogwood trees under them from tiny sticks. The trees grew last summer but then the leaves started browning at the tips and curling up. I was watering the trees every two to three days during summer. What am I doing wrong?

By Steve Renquist | Featured Question

Native madrones are special to the Northwest

Jan 27, 2006
There are probably few plants that are more strongly identified with this area or are held in greater affection than the madrone tree.

News Story

Use Caution When Irrigating Oaks and Madrones

Jun 2018
Excessive summer irrigation of oak and madrone trees may promote fungal diseases such as the oak root fungus (aka armillaria root disease) and crown rot.


What’s Wrong With My Madrone?

Nov 2006
This article briefly discusses the most prevalent madrone disease problems, then offers a broader perspective on the health of this southern Oregon native.

By Max Bennett, Dave Shaw | Article