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What’s That Moss Doing In My Pasture?

Mar 2007
It's that time of year when we notice, in some cases, more moss than grass growing in our pastures. What went wrong? How can the problem be fixed? Most folks want to know what they can do to get rid of the moss, but the root of the issue goes deeper. Often, moss is a symptom rather than the actual problem. Simply attempting to kill or remove the moss is a ...

By Melissa Fery | Article

What's a pet-safe way to kill moss in my lawn?

Mar 2019
My lawn has been taken over by moss this winter, and I am wondering if there is a pet-safe moss killer on the market that won't kill my grass also? I have read your materials on moss control, and I plan to utilize this information to maintain a healthier lawn, but I need to get rid of the moss first.

By Kaci Buhl | Featured Question