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I want to go native. Can I get support for project Lawn-B-Gawn?

May 2015
We are considering removing our front lawn and putting in drought tolerant, native plants to reduce our water use and lower maintenance. where can we find support and advice to do this?

By Jacki Dougan | Featured Question

We want to go native, can you help with plant selection?

Feb 2016
We are building our home and have disturbed the natural area in order to do so. We want to landscape as natural as possible with native species and would like to know where to find assistance in plant selections and correct locations. We are at 500' elevation in forested area NW of Hagg Lake in Gaston, Oregon. We removed fir, scrub oak, and plants on the forest ...

By Signe Danler | Featured Question

Native groundcovers are great for home landscapes

Mar 25, 2011
Try native groundcovers for home landscapes.

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I need a native alternative to my lawn. Any ideas?

Jul 2016
I find what I enjoy to be contrary to what most people enjoy... a flat green grass lawn. However, I am uncertain what to do as a do-it-your-self, low-maintenance, native alternative. so I'm currently researching things like fountain grass borders, clover for a lawn alternative, things that do not need to be mowed. Are perennial and flowering would be great. and drought ...

By Signe Danler | Featured Question

Native plants for Yamhill County

Jan 2010
Information about various plants native to Yamhill County.

By Linda R. McMahan | Article

Pacific NW Native Plants by Plant Community

Jun 2014
Useful information about Western Hemlock-Douglas Fir Forest, Prairie, Scrub-Shrub Wetlands, and Mixed Deciduous Forest/Steep Dry Slope.

By Lisa Albert | Article

Landscape Sustainability Checkup

May 2018
Is your yard ready to be an "Oregon Sustainable Landscape"?


Pacific Northwest native plants for the woodland garden

Jun 2010
Many people think of shade or woodland gardens when they think of growing native plants. In fact, many woodland plants do very well in garden settings. But careful selection and care is essential to making your woodland garden flourish.

By Linda R. McMahan | Article

Invasive plants and your streamside garden

Jul 2018
The replacement of a native streamside plant community by only one species of weed is not beneficial to wildlife.