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Nitrogen-fixing trees “eat” rocks, play pivotal role in forest health

Feb 25, 2019
By tapping nutrients from bedrock, red alder trees play a key role in healthy forest ecosystems.

By Chris Branam | News Story

Predicting Nitrogen Availability from Organic Amendments: laboratory, Field, and Computer Stimulation

Apr 2018
A study to improve the ability to predict nitrogen availability from organic soil amendments, including improved accuracy of Nitrogen availability estimates, to target amendment application rates to meet crop N needs.

By Dan Sullivan, E.S. Gale, Delbert Hemphill, Craig Crogger, Andy Bary, E.A. Myhre | Publication

Nitrogen Fertilizer: Where Does it Go?

Jul 1994
Most Christmas tree growers fertilize with nitrogen (N) intending to improve tree color, growth, and ultimately value. Where does the fertilizer go after application? How much is actually taken up by the trees, stored in the soil or lost to the environment? How much N is removed at harvest? Should growers be concerned about depletion of soil N reserves from repeated ...

By Chal Landgren, Michael Bondi, Steve Webster, Rick Fletcher | Article

Estimating Nitrogen & Dry Matter From Cover Crops

Apr 2007
Cover crops are used by many farmers, but very few know how much nitrogen (N) or dry matter they are getting from their cover crops. There are some methods in the literature for estimating cover crop contributions. We are evaluating these methods in on-farm WSARE-funded trials in the Northern Willamette Valley to find the most practical and accurate method for use on ...

By Nick Andrews | Article

The ABC’s of NPK

Jun 2018
Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium

By Lisa Ehle | Article