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Soil Nutrient Management Resources for Small Farms

Apr 2018
Nutrient Management, Managing nutrients, whether it is synthetic fertilizer or manure and other organic fertilizers requires planning. Determining which type of fertilizer to apply, the application rate and timing are key factors in managing soil to improve crop yield and quality, reduce fertilizer costs and help protect the environment.


Pasture Nutrient Management Resources for Small Farms

May 2017
This collection of links and publications are compiled information about managing nutrient levels in your pasture. This includes soil testing and assessment, application of fertilizers and minerals, and nutrient cycling in a forage pasture.


Nutrient Management of Berry Crops in Oregon

May 2013
This summary is intended as a brief overview and as a supplement to the nutrient management guides available online at Oregon State University: Nutrient Management for Blueberries in Oregon, Cranberries: Nutrient Management Guide, and Strawberries.

By Bernadine Strik | Article