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Soil pH and pasture productivity

May 2009
A look at the cost effectiveness of liming coastal ryegrass pastures.

By Troy Downing | Article

Pasture Nutrient Management Resources for Small Farms

May 2017
This collection of links and publications are compiled information about managing nutrient levels in your pasture. This includes soil testing and assessment, application of fertilizers and minerals, and nutrient cycling in a forage pasture.


Solid Manure Spreader Wagon Calibration Checklist

Aug 2018
A printable checklist for calibrating a solid manure spreader wagon.

Fact Sheet

Mud and Manure Management Resources for Small Farms

Mar 2018
Publications and documents demonstrating the art of Mud and Manure Management for the pastures and forage crop. These contain useful information that are important when managing and producing livestock on pasture.


Reduce Weeds by Friending Grasses

Oct 2017
Are weeds a never-ending challenge for you? If so, consider looking at them from a new angle. Instead of spraying or digging weeds out year after year, concentrate on making your grass happy. The factors that promote optimal grass health and production work against weed growth. What is good for grass is not good for weeds.

By Susan Kerr, Tim Miller | Article

Is smoke stunting pasture growth?

Sep 2017
I'm noting a reduction in the growth of our grass in the pasture. It has slowed down noticeably over the past month. This slowdown is more than normal due to increased temperatures of August. I was wondering if the smoke is having a filtering effect on the light that reaches the ground, particularly early to mid morning and then again towards evening. It appears the ...

By Mylen Bohle | Featured Question

Do you have a green solution to pasture weeds?

May 2016
I take care of the family pastures (maintain irrigation) and was wondering what is the best way to get rid of weeds in the pastures. We have horse weed and a few others, not real bad but want to stop it and get rid of it. The family does not want to use chemicals as we are right on the Metolius river. We lease the pastures out for cows in the summer so they will be grazed upon. They fenced off the worst part but I don't think that is the answer. Can you help me ?

By Mylen Bohle | Featured Question

What’s That Moss Doing In My Pasture?

Mar 2007
It's that time of year when we notice, in some cases, more moss than grass growing in our pastures. What went wrong? How can the problem be fixed? Most folks want to know what they can do to get rid of the moss, but the root of the issue goes deeper. Often, moss is a symptom rather than the actual problem. Simply attempting to kill or remove the moss is a ...

By Melissa Fery | Article

Irrigating Pastures

Jul 2007
As summer approaches and the soil dries, forage plants become dormant. Some years in drier areas of Oregon dormancy may begin in the late spring. If you have irrigation rights, your pastures can provide supplemental nutrition even during the dry summer months. Although this article targets irrigated pastures, many of the principles apply to other crops. There are a number of ...

By Mylen Bohle | Article