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Soil texture determines how much and how often to water

Jun 15, 2012
It's a myth that lawns and gardens in sandy soil need more water than other soils

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Is charcoal a good soil amendment?

Jan 2018
Do you have published, current, projected , research in the effects of charcoal amendment to agricultural soils/forest soils?

By Chip Bubl | Featured Question

Heavy metals in urban soils: Best practices to stay safe

Mar 2016
Given the recent news on emissions of heavy metals in Portland, I'm looking for information on which vegetables take up these pollutants from the soil. What else should I be concerned about?

By Weston Miller | Featured Question

Are ashes good for my soil?

Jan 2018
Can fireplace ash be used in the garden successfully or is it harmful to the soil?

By Linda Brewer | Featured Question

Composting at Winter Green Farm Improves Soil Health and Protects Water Quality

Jul 2013
In 1980 Jack Gray and Mary Jo Wade started Winter Green Farm just 20 miles west of Eugene, five years later Wali and Jabrila Via joined them and in 2009 long-time employees Chris Overbaugh and Shannon Shipp-Overbaugh also took joint ownership of the farm. The farm is certified organic and Salmon Safe by Oregon Tilth and also uses biodynamic methods. They strive to create...

By Nick Andrews | Article

IPM Soilborne Diseases

Apr 2010
Presentation by Kurtis L. Schroeder, Cropping Systems Agronomist & Plant Pathologist, on Soilborne Diseases of Cereals: Identification and Management

By Kurtis L. Schroeder | Video