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Soil Nitrate Testing for Willamette Valley Vegetable Production

A soil nitrate test measures the concentration of nitrate in the soil at a specific moment in time, including nitrate originating from organic inputs, fertilizer, and soil organic matter. This publication describes how to use ...

Dan Sullivan, Ed Peachey, Aaron Heinrich, Linda Brewer, Nick Andrews | Jan 2019 | OSU Extension Catalog

Soil Fertility in Organic Systems: A Guide for Gardeners and Small Acreage Farmers

This publication discusses the many types of fertilizers and soil amendments available for organic plant production. Fertilizer formulations, nutrient availability, and application practices for common organic products are also explained. ...

Jul 2013 | OSU Extension Catalog

Strip-tillage for Onions and Sweet Corn, Lorin Grigg (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series)

Lorin Grigg grows onions and sweet corn under sprinkler irrigation in Quincy, Washington. In this publication, Grigg discusses his strategy for cover cropping to protect seedlings from windblown sand and reduce wind erosion.

Jun 2018 | OSU Extension Catalog

Nutrient Management for Sustainable Vegetable Cropping Systems in Western Oregon

This publication reflects over 30 years of vegetable production research conducted in the Willamette Valley. It is divided into three main sections: sustainable soil health; soil testing and nutrient management; and nitrogen ...

Dan Sullivan, Ed Peachey, Aaron Heinrich, Linda Brewer | May 2017 | OSU Extension Catalog

Grow Your Own Peppers

This publication describes different varieties, climatic requirements, soil preparation, fertilizing, and planting transplants.

Aug 1985 | OSU Extension Catalog

Herbs and Vegetables in Oil - SP50-701

It’s important to keep food safety in mind when storing vegetables (such as garlic, mushrooms, chili peppers) or herbs in oil. These low-acid foods can be a source of Clostridium botulinum bacteria, which are found in soil, water, and air. This publication provides recipes and information on safe and proper storage.

Feb 2015 | Publication

Short-Season Vegetable Gardening

Pacific Northwest gardeners often find the climate too short to grow certain vegetables. Two horticulturists explain how to maximize a gardener's chances for success in the face of the vagaries of untimely frosts and snow and ...

Dec 1996 | OSU Extension Catalog

Fertilizing Your Garden: Vegetables, Fruits, and Ornamentals

Gives fertilizer recommendations, based on soil test results, for vegetable gardens, fruit trees, ornamental shrubs, flowers, caneberries, and strawberries. Discusses factors involved in plant growth, such as soil, nitrogen, phosphorus, ...

Apr 2000 | OSU Extension Catalog

Grow Your Own Tomatoes and Tomatillos

This publication is an extended revision of the previous edition. It describes how to grow tomatoes and tomatillos in the home garden. Topics include site and soil preparation, cultivar selection, propagation, planting and plant ...

Amy Jo Detweiler, Heidi Noordijk, Chip Bubl, Neil Bell | Sep 2014 | OSU Extension Catalog

Growing Vegetables in Central Oregon (Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson Counties)

The high-desert climate of Central Oregon can create challenges for any gardener. This guide provides region-specific tips and techniques for more successful vegetable gardens, including topics such as site selection, soil amendment ...

Amy Jo Detweiler, Toni Stephan | Nov 2015 | OSU Extension Catalog