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Oct 2018
Can spraying this weed at the right time keep it out of our fields?

By Mary Corp | Article

Velvetleaf-Have You Seen This Weed?

Oct 2018
This small plant causes extensive crop loss. Is it still missing?

By Mary Corp | Article

Fewer weeds equals more quality forage

Sep 2012
Weeds can lower the quality and quantity of forage in a pasture or hayfield. In general, weeds have lower protein and energy than improved, cool season perennial and annual forages under good grazing management. The palatability (taste, acceptability) and yield (pounds) of weeds is usually lower than desirable forage. However, carefully done, some weeds may be grazed by sheep or...

By Shelby Filley | Article

Poison hemlock and Western waterhemlock: deadly plants that may be growing in your pasture

Jun 2018
Poisonous plants are a major cause of economic loss to the livestock industry. Two poisonous plants common to Oregon are poison hemlock and Western water hemlock. Ingestion of either by humans or livestock typically results in death.

By Scott Duggan | Article

Field Bindweed Control in Wheat: Fallow Rotations

Oct 2001
Weed scientist, Daniel A. Ball of OSU, talks about the best way to rid fields of this noxious weed.

By Daniel Ball | Article