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IPM soilborne diseases of cereals

Mar 2018
Presentation by Kurtis L. Schroeder, Cropping Systems Agronomist & Plant Pathologist, on Soilborne Diseases of Cereals: Identification and Management for the Integrated Pest Management Website hosted by Umatilla County Extension Service.

By Cynthia Ocamb | Video

Tillage Method and Sowing Rate Relations for Dryland Spring Wheat, Barley, and Oat

Nov 2005
Some farmers in the Inland Pacific Northwest have reported lower grain yield of spring cereals with no-till (NT) compared to conservation tillage (CT). A 4-year field study was conducted in a 12-inch annual precipitation zone to determine tillage method and sowing rate effects on seed-zone water, seed-zone temperature, plant stand, grain yield, grain yield components, and straw production for three spring-sown cereal species.

By William Schillinger, Donald Wellsandt, Harry Schafer, Steve Schofstoll, Robert Papendick | Publication

Eastern Oregon wheat growers explore new marketing strategy

Aug 15, 2007
A group of Oregon wheat growers are gearing up to market their grain directly to companies that produce wheat-based food products.

News Story

OSU offers exclusive license for super soft wheat variety

Aug 22, 2005
Oregon State University has granted a license for a new variety of soft white winter wheat to Mid-Columbia Producers, Inc., a farmer-owned cooperative.

By Peg Herring | News Story


Oct 2018
This pest stunts the growth and maturation or cereal grains.

By Mary Corp | Article

Cephalosporium Stripe

Oct 2018
Winter cereals and grasses in danger of contracting disease.

By Mary Corp | Article

Take All

Oct 2018
This root rot look-alike is endangering wheat, grass, and barley. Learn the signs, symptoms, and controls of this disease.

By Mary Corp | Article


May 2003
Will Oregon meet these wasp-like pests again?

By Mary Corp | Article

Incorporating Grains into a Whole Farm

Sep 2018
How to properly incorporate grains into an entire farm. Includes suggestions for rotations on various types of farms.