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Soil quality test available for gardeners and farmers in the Willamette Valley

Gardeners and farmers can do their own soil analysis.

Jan 13, 2009 | News Story

Willamette Valley Soil Quality Card

Use in conjunction with the Willamette Valley Soil Quality Card Guide (EM 8710), which includes detailed information about each indicator listed on the Soil Quality Card. Designed to assess current soil quality conditions, record ...

Jun 1998 | OSU Extension Catalog

Willamette Valley Soil Quality Card Guide

Designed to supplement the Willamette Valley Soil Quality Card (EM 8711) by providing additional information on soil quality indicators. For each soil quality indicator, the guide contains a description, explanation of why the ...

Jun 1998 | OSU Extension Catalog

Growing in Urban Soils - Nelson

Citations and outline of a study of urban vegetable gardens and their soils.

Mar 2019 | Educational Document

Take steps in fall to protect roses in winter

Fall maintenance can help protect roses from winter weather. Follow these tips to keep your rose bushes happy and healthy.

Barbara McMullen | May 2007 | Article


Cultivating Healthy Farms, Forests, Food and Families in Polk County.


Stressed trees show dieback

Browning or dieback is usually caused by weather-related stress, sometimes in combination with pests and diseases.

Mar 2018 | Article

Permaculture Opportunities for Small Farmers in the Willamette Valley

Permaculture has spread around the world as a grassroots movement of farmers, gardeners, activists, designers, and teachers. There are many design concepts in the study of permaculture that could benefit those building the ...

Amy Garrett | Apr 2011 | Article

Creating habitat

Want to be a good neighbor to local wildlife? Check out these tips from a Conservation Specialist to take your "naturescaping" game to the next level!

Rose Clarke, Jon Wagner | May 2019 | Article

Growing pains to gains in Willamette Valley

The Willamette Valley has been an agricultural paradise for hundreds of years. It is made up of several distinct ecosystems and is home to 61 species of fish, 250 species of wildlife and thousands of species of plant life....

Nathan Kirkpatrick | Jul 2014 | Article