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Farmer, Entrepreneur, Soil Scientist, Mechanic, Vet... That’s you!

We know farmers wear many hats. Tell us about them! OSU’s School of Public Policy and Applied Economics Department are involved in a USDA-funded, national survey to learn how farmers choose their production and marketing practices and the barriers they face. Early results from the survey confirm that farmers have to be canny entrepreneurs, whether they market at local, ...

Christy Anderson Brekken | Mar 2016 | Article

Headwaters Incubator Program - Cultivating Farms and Future Stewards No Small Task

Launching a farm business is no small task. Even skilled growers who embody the creative, rugged, jack-of-all-trades image must be able to apply sound business practices, establish and maintain robust farm networks, navigate complex financial systems, and demonstrate a variety of nontraditional abilities like social media savvy. Throw on top of that the thin profit margins, the ...

Rowan Steele | Apr 2018 | Article

Are Your Fruits & Vegetables Safe for Human Consumption? Good Agricultural Practices & Marketing Agreements

When produce contaminated by E. coli, Salmonella or other human pathogens is distributed by large shippers, food scares show up on the front pages and the evening news. While food safety problems in local food systems are less likely to make the national news, people can still be made ill or in rare cases killed, and the impact on a farm can be financially and ...

Nick Andrews | Jun 2013 | Article

Oregon Small Farm News

Oregon Small Farm News is a free online newsletter that concentrates on both commercial small farm entrepreneurs as well as non-commercial small acreage landowners. Our focus embraces organic/biological and conventional farming systems.


Oregon Pasture Network

Friends of Family Farmers launched the Oregon Pasture Network (OPN) in the summer of 2016 to provide marketing and networking support to pasture-based livestock producers throughout Oregon. OPN currently has 26 “Pasture Partners” who have taken a pledge to raise their animals on pasture in a humane and ecologically responsible manner, providing their animals a high quality of ...

Lindsay Trant | Oct 2017 | Article

Growing Veteran Agripreneurs Launches at SOREC

With funding from the USDA’s Outreach and Assistance for Veteran Farmers and Ranchers Program (also known as the 2501 Program), the Small Farms team is launching its first ever veteran-focused Growing Agripreneurs program at the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center in Central Point, OR (SOREC). In partnership with Rogue Farm Corps (RFC) and the Josephine County Veterans ...

Sebastian Aguilar | Dec 2018 | Article