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Ponding, Plugging, & Pugging: How to Care for Wet Spring Soils

With another long, wet spring on the horizon for the Pacific Northwest, particular attention should be paid to take care of wet spring soils. As rainfall continues, rivers swell, and fields are saturated well into the estimated production start dates, it may be tempting to go ahead and cultivate fields or open up pastures. In these conditions, however, the potential damage ...

Elizabeth Murphy | Jun 2013 | Article

Winter Farmscaping – Enhancing Riparian Vegetation along Ponds and Waterways

Farmscaping describes a broad range of activities that improve the diversity of a small farm to enhance the ecosystem services it provides, including enhancing beneficial organisms for pest management. Farmscaping and enhancing farm diversity in general, can also increase carbon sequestration, improve wildlife habitat, and provide erosion control. Riparian buffers are vegetated areas ...

Elizabeth Murphy | Jul 2013 | Article