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Mud and Manure Management Resources for Small Farms

Publications and documents demonstrating the art of Mud and Manure Management for the pastures and forage crop. These contain useful information that are important when managing and producing livestock on pasture.

Mar 2018 | Collection

To graze or not to graze that is my question.

Q: I have a small dairy goat farm, and at the moment have 5 adult does plus 2 donkeys. In the winter they are confined to the paddock around the barn, but in spring I begin rotating them between 3 small pastures, one ...

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Oregon Small Farm News

Oregon Small Farm News is a free online newsletter that concentrates on both commercial small farm entrepreneurs as well as non-commercial small acreage landowners. Our focus embraces organic/biological and conventional farming systems.


Pasture and Grazing Management

Improved pasture and grazing management offers a means of holding production costs to a minimum by efficient production of high quality forage. Pasture and grazing management often seems like an art but is really based on ...

Amy Peters, Lynn Cannon | Aug 1999 | Article

Getting Livestock Farms Ready for Winter

When you find yourself with a few spare moments this autumn, use this article as a guide to think about all the odds-and-ends tasks needed to get your farm and livestock ready for winter. Most of these tasks are much ...

Susan Kerr | Jan 2011 | Article

For Livestock, April is the Cruelest Month

Well, not exactly, but that is how the poem goes... Actually, February and March tend to be the cruelest months for livestock. This article will help livestock owners appreciate why this is true and how they can mitigate ...

Susan Kerr | Dec 2009 | Article

Dancing Cow Farm, Central Oregon, Crook County

The Dancing Cow Farm in Prineville, Oregon, operates with a clear philosophy. “Everything on our farm has to have at least two purposes,” says Jerre Kosta Dodson, who with her husband, Sean, manage their 10-acre sustainable ...

Dana Martin | Dec 2009 | Article